Nujabes Tribute Mix

Today, we’ve released the tribute mix to Jun “Nujabes” Seba (瀬葉淳). The mix is made to show our appreciation to the music he released before he sadly passed away. I hope you guys will enjoy the it, and a huge thanks to w0nka for a great mix.

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The Limelight: CHIVEER

Here’s the Limelight spotlight for ‘Chiveer’ (RUS), we hope you’ll enjoy it, and remember to support the artist.


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So, we’re going on with the combo and now we are welcoming the composer & producer ‘Dephrase’ from Waltham, Massachusetts. We’re so excited to have him on the team, and in case you didn’t know he’s also been a part of creating wonderful tunes dedicated to J Dilla like Thee Real also has done.

The team wishes you all the best, and hope you’ll really enjoy your stay at Ninetofive Records!


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[BEATSOUP] Caffettino 005 w./ Emshi

Our beloved friends from Italy has just dropped their fifth episode of the great Caffettino series. This time it’s Emshi (Torino) in focus. And as the guys on Beat Soup said, i can’t really do anything else than agree with them! He was giving them a legendary set & using the Numark pt01, Keyboard, iPad and SP404sx.


Caffettino 005 w. / Emshi from Beat Soup on Vimeo.


Remember to show some support to both Beatsoup & Emshi if you enjoyed this episde!
Emshi Facebook Page.
BeatSoup Facebook Page.

The Stylistics – Betcha By Golly Wow
Emshi – Thank You Eve!
Emshi – Luv Me, But Not Today
Emshi – Soy Beans RMX x Cemento Armato
Emshi – Those Times She Says It’s Huge
Emshi – #unreleased [B.14]
Emshi – Captain Futuro
Emshi – #unreleased [B.05]
Emshi – Knob Is In The Air
Emshi – Why Lie?
Emshi – #unreleased [B.144]
Emshi – #unreleased [B.146]
Emshi – #unreleased [B.98]
Emshi – I Stopped Loving You Your Birthday
Emshi – #unreleased [Acute Symptoms RMX]
Emshi – #unreleased [B.158]
Emshi – Sriracha Dreams [feat. Marvelous Beat]
Emshi – If You Go Away [ Natty Dub]
Emshi – #unreleased [B.33]
Emshi – We Have Laughed In A Microwave
Emshi – #unreleased [B.11]
Emshi – Never Meant To Hurt You
Emshi – #unreleased [B.143]
Emshi – Take My Hands (Please) [feat. Triple] / Unico Freestyle
Emshi – #unreleased [B.12]
Emshi – #unreleased [B.91]

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Welcome: THEE REAL



Today, we are honored to announce ‘Thee Real’ to the Ninetofive squad. He is a very versatile producer who primarily enjoys making ambient music but also introduces aspects of this genre into Hip-Hop beat-making; resulting in some really compelling and powerful, emotional music.

The staff would like to wish you all the best, and we’re really happy to see you on the team. I hope we’ll see a lot more stuff in the future and I hope you’ll enjoy your stay at Ninetofive Records.



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