Session.One by Dirty Beauty.


Here’s a mix that Dirty Beauty published 4 days ago, and in the mix you can find our young & talented composer and producer from Germany (KOLOR). 8 outstanding artists that’s sharing exclusive beats in the mix, show some love if you like it !

From Dirty Beauty
“First blunt w/ some dank stuff…Hope y’all enjoy!”

00:00 – 01:16 – sandpeople – asteroids // @sandpeoplecologne
01:16 – 02:51 – idntrmmbr – tyme // @ezekieltwentyfiveseventeen
02:51 – 04:13 – futurebeats – midnight // @futurebeats14
04:13 – 05:25 – kolor – zikade // @koloops
05:25 – 06:31 – n2deepbeatz – skylights // @n2deepbeatz
06:31 – 07:45 – drwn – contradanza // @drwn_dot
07:45 – 08:57 – memory – oceanside.riff // @goodmemories
08:57 – 10:32 – +ma – moebius // @plusma
10:32 – 11:54 – walterwarm – [raw]starz // @walterwarm

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Grindalf EP (Fireproof Joints)


The countdown has begun, Grindalf’s EP called Fireproof Joints is soon to be released on Ninetofive Records.

Fireproof Joints contain 6 tracks, which 5 of them are exclusive since the “Birdman” track is available at our Soundcloud, and was uploaded before the release. If you’re interested in listening, press this. Grindalf has surprised many of us, with a small library on his Soundcloud page of only 5 tracks. Grindalf takes you away on this EP into a world full of jazz vibes, experimental sound and quality.

The Fireproof Joints has been mastered & mixed by our in-house sound engineer Federico Sias.


Tracklist & information.
01. Grindalf – Ichnusa Jazz Band
02. Grindalf – Daddy Loves Keyboards
03. Grindalf – Birdman
04. Grindalf – Seagulls
05. Grindalf – Fireproof
06. Grindalf – Tirreno


Release Date.

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Ninetofive Sundaes: Davr – Dumb Sh*t – 001



First track of the series we’ve started called Ninetofive Sundaes, which means, every Sunday we will publish a new & exclusive beat from the producers that’s signed on the label. This week it’s Davr to share his new beat called “Dumb Sh*t”.

Listen to his track right here, show some love if you like it!


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Welcome to Ninetofive Records: Prince Mathicks.


Welcome to Ninetofive Records: Prince Mathicks!

We’ve received so many great and superb tracks from the young and talented hip-hop producer & composer from Sandviken (Sweden). He will start working on his first beat tape for the label, and will release date hasn’t been set yet, but stay tuned for more information.

Listen and support our latest squad member right here:

We really hope that you’ll enjoy your stay at the label. Bless.


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Madijuwon x J.Roosevelt – Pastel

“We did this stuff with my friend / Jena a.k.a J.Roosevelt,One of the most talented girl in this game, i swear. We can’t wait to share this with you.I hope u’ll like it ! Don’t forget to comment,repost and like if u feel it.

Grab it for free :)”


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Caffetino Beat Soup 008: Casting.



Last guest of this season of CAFFETTINO is the mighty CASTING, bringing his chillwave/future funk sound. Hosted by Simone’s terrace.

Beat Soup



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Welcome to Ninetofive Records!

Welcome to Ninetofive RecordsKLIM (UA) , KOLOR (DE) , ODD PARADOX (SWE). I really hope you’ll enjoy your stay!

Listen to all of the new artists on our soundcloud right here:




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Craneuhm – Low End Theory Festival.

8th of August, the “Low End Theory Festival” takes place in Los Angeles. Our member Craneuhm has composed two great tunes with massive atmosphere and great groove. The submissions has been sent in, and they will be judged by the residents at first, in the second phase there will only be 10 producers left, and they will be judged by 10 LET Residents at the festival.


The last five standing will be judged by no one other than the legend Flying Lotus. Craneuhm has composed 1. Trap track, 1. Experimental track, 1. House track and 1. Lo-if track.

Listen to 2 of the tracks of his selection right here.

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Davr – Beats & Brews Vol.1

We’re very happy to share the Beats & Brews Vol.1 from Davr to you! The batch includes 20 beats from 2014-15. Some of the beats hasn’t seen the until this day on, so please share some love if you like what you hear!


Enjoy the mix fam!

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EMSHI – Luv Me, But Not Today!

Watch the video for Emshi LUV ME, BUT NOT TODAY right here! Show him some love if you appreciate it!



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Ojibve – Follaume

Listen to Ojibve (RUS) latest production right here. Very wavy tune with lots of warm sounds, hope you’ll enjoy it, and remember to show some love if you like the stuff you hear! Support Ojibve via Soundcloud & Twitter.



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Welcome POINT5 to Ninetofive Records!


I’m very happy to announce that producer & composer “POINT5″ has joined our family!


A great musician that has his own style using a different technique with the iMPC Application to create beats.
We had the chance to release a exclusive tune on our soundcloud channel today, have a listen here.

Welcome to Ninetofive Records, and i really hope you’ll enjoy your stay fam!



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