Ninetofive Records – RAREGEMS Compilation

Here’s the RARE GEMS album compilation that was streamed live yesterday at 22:00 CEST. But now it’s available to download, and also online at Soundcloud if you prefer that!

01. Illa J – Intro
02. Ibn Malone – Think About Me
03. Ojibve – Zen
04. Craneuhm – Dreamin’
05. Sup Nasa – Closer Than Ever
06. LØØM- Enter Tomorrow
07. Kongchain – Hangover
08. Madijuwon – Dawning
09. All.U.Need – All About
10. Martin Funkhouser – Toy
11. Blisque – Pines
12. Shi.Beats – 9.25
13. Chiveer – Stay
14. Airworks – Cruisin’
15. Chokez – Open Seas
16. Davr – Jazz Roller
17. Misha – DITS
18. EMSHI – I’ll Never Have The Money I Owe You
19. Gecko Infinite – GECKO FOREVER

Mixing and mastering is done by Foby.

Thanks for all the support!

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Here’s Sup Nasa’s entry for the LAZYPALS (TURBO TAPE RECORDINGS) compilation. Sup Nasa is also working on his first EP on the label as well, stay tuned for more information soon.

Remember to support the label & artist if you like the tune.


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Soundcloud 1.3

Latest jams! You know how things go, remember to support!




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Move Cut Clone – Sampler Science Vol.2

Here’s the second movecutclone compilation, from 9 talented producers located in Sweden. We hope you’ll enjoy the compilation and always remember to show love if you like it.

“During our life time we move on paths that takes us closer to what will be the final result of us as humans. We shed skin and evolve as we fine tune ourselves when we slowly find who and what we are.

The same thing can be said about MoveCutClone and the Sampler Science mixtape series. It can be seen as some sort of collection in the line of ’the lost tapes of MoveCutClone’ where the members evolve and mutate into something bigger for each release.

Since the start of MoveCutClone in 2014 the collective has gone from a slightly confused crew with millions of ideas into a group of beat makers and artists with an established agenda and a plan to make an impression on the international scene. One year has passed since the collective was started and as a celebration of the anniversary MoveCutClone presents Sampler Science Vol 2.”

Enjoy the compilation!

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Here’s the 2 first  tracks from Turbo Tape’s upcoming compilation. This is the information we’ve received!

1st Turbo Tape Anniversary is behind the corner.

We’ve worked a lot this year, along side some of the greatest artists into the scene, cultivating a strong bond of friendship with most of them.

After one year of cooperation, we’re proud to announce a new compilation, third instalment of the ” All You Can Beat ” series.

We had the honor to built up a strong tracklist with a lot of talented producers, hoping to work with all of them again in the future.

First one coming from mirabeatz.

Available for freedownload soon.
Release date to be announced.

Enjoy the tunes, and always remember to support the artist & label.

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Caffettino Beat Soup 007 w. / Bonbooze

Caffettino Beat Soup 007 w. / Bonbooze from Beat Soup on Vimeo.

Here’s the latest episode of our friends from Italy! This time they’re featuring producer & composer ‘Bonbooze‘. Remember to support the artist! Highly appreciated and a very good episode. I hope it will be a boost for your Monday!

Beat Soup

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Here’s the latest episode of our Worldwide Beatseries (WWBS003), this time we’re featuring Kongchain, also from our roster. But now he’s giving a glimse of what the danish beatscene has to offer.
We really hope you like the mix & show some support towards the artists. This one might come in handy today, since it’s Friday!


01. Intro
02. Context: IHATEMYOWNBEATS Beat –
03. Sofa T: Handmade Hiphop Beat –
04. PhaFalAion: Hva’ tænker du på? –
05. KVBeats: Idris Muhammad RIP –
07. Terry Tester: Going To See My Baby –
08. Kongchain: Men Are… –
09. rob smyles X Thor Kvisgaard: Rhodes kvisgaard
11. Tue Track: Beat outtakes Beat –
12. Shatter Hands: Congrats –
13. Jabar Ligla: Two Sides –
14. Twajs: Ship Shop
15. RippinClaws: Analog –
16. Exampler: Fyrsten –
17. Adam Kay: Dangerous –
18. Swab: PLQN ACE’ish BeAt –
19. ScratchMagic: ChicagoTrombone –
20. Ras-H: Fall Down –
21. Twelvebeats: 02 –
22. Fede Poul: Madf Syr –
23. FOU FOU: Cold War Stomp –
24. Aske The Floppyking: Depressed –
24. Cars10: 214
25. P-Slice: India –
26. HvadKant: Hmm –
27. Keis Khatib: You’re The Man –

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Craneuhm – “ABOV.U” EP (2015)

Craneuhm just released his EP called “ABOV.U” today, if you’re interested in hearing lots of great beats with a superb atmosphere i would suggest you tune in this one.

Great work Craneuhm!

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Soundcloud 1.2

Here’s the latest jams from our roster, enjoy!

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Roots Soulection Special: All.U.Need (Ninetofive Records)

Listen to All.U.Need latest set he did on Red Light Radio [08-04-2014]

Support All.u.need here:

Read more about him here:

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Sunday Inspiration 0.3

This Sunday we’re featuring the producer & composer .light from Stockholm, Sweden. Born in 1998, making beats with lots of soul and crisp sound, we really hope that you show your support towards this up ‘n’ coming producer!



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Davr “Northern Lights EP”

Davr “Northern Lights EP”


Official distribution.

Release Date: 24/04/15 (iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Beatport)

Stay tuned.

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