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Here’s all the latest tunes from our Soundcloud feed this month. Airworks has really done it, 6 tunes in less than a month that’s been published. If you like the tunes, remember to support the artist & leave a comment.


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Cemento Armato – Veggieburger EP [2014]

The Veggieburger (EP) from Cemento Armato is finally here! The EP contains 9 new tunes that’s never been released before with 3 collaborations from Alsogood, Emshi, Bonbooze. Since the release is free, remember to show some appreciation to the artist.


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BEAT SOUP: Caffettino 003 w. / StayReal

So, it’s been 72 hours and we’re happy to announce that the third part of the Caffettino series (Vinyl Only) is now available at Vimeo from the legendary Beat Soup crew from Italy. I’d like to thank everyone at BeatSoup for showing support and also sharing our stuff. If you’re interested in getting merchandise from Beat Soup, please add them on Facebook and they’ll hook you up with details.

  1. Tracklist
    Bilal – Soul Sista (Madlib RMX)
    Linton Kwesi Johnson – Sonny’s Lettah (Anti-sus Poem)
    Bill Withers – Grandma’s
    Dj Premier – Hood Crazy
    Defari – Smack Ya Face
    Epitome (Madlib & Oh No) – Earthquake
    Bob James – Night Crawler
    Gearge Benson – The World Is A Ghetto
    Spider D – Big Apple Rappin’
    Glenn Underground – Disco Worm


Social: Beat Soup

Social: StayReal!

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BEAT SOUP: Caffettino 002 w. / Sup Nasa

Support & listen to our friends from Italy: BEAT SOUP Caffettino Episode 002 with Sup Nasa. The release ‘Veggieburger’ from Cemento Armato’ will also be a exclusive collaboration with them.

If you’re interested in getting some merchandise, please contact them on their facebook page. Shirts are available to buy after New Years Eve.

Beat Soup

Sup Nasa


  1. Gil Scott-Heron – Almost lost Detroit
    Kendrick Lamar – Hold up
    Slum Village – Tell me
    Common – I used to love h.e.r.
    Barney Kassel – The look of love
    Slum Village The look of love
    Brenk Sinatra – Undecided
    Dj Jazzy Jeff – Practice (ft. J Live)
    Common – Thelonious (ft. Slum Village)
    Sup Nasa – Get dis money (Slum Village Remix)
    Marcosoule – Doctor’s need
    Sup Nasa – Da breeze
    Elaquent – Parallel
    Common – So far to go (ft. D’ Angelo)
    Sup Nasa – When all falls down
    Common – The light
    Bobby Caldwell – Open your eyes


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Lounge Mix: 001 [Linus Maximilian Jonsson]

Listen to the first episode of the ‘Lounge Mix’ right here by Linus Maximilian Jonsson.


  1. Badasssssvibes – STBB401
  2. Captpizza – Do U Wanna
  3. Fortunes x Etizzz – Love Me
  4. Garrett Benally – Lo-Fi Cheese
  5. HXNS – Player
  6. Ian Ewing – Waking Up Early
  7. Jolie Fille – Dave Luxe Remix Myth Syzer
  8. Klim beats – Nautical
  9. Klimeks – Odyssey
  10. Luvuguys – XX0
  11. Mådi – D’amour et d’eau d’ambre
  12. Philantrope – Nothin’ Less
  13. Selfish – Roni
  14. Sweater Beats – Feel Me
  15. Tea & Rainydays – Phase
  16. Haich – Noli
  17. Artefact – Sleepy
  18. MUMA – Typewriter

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