Welcome DVOIM

Today, we’re really proud to announce producer & composer DVOIM from New Jersey, US has joined the crew. He will be on the collection album from us called ‘Brilliant Diamonds’.

His style is very Lo-Fi and you can sure tell he’s heavily influenced by the sound from late 90’s hip-hop.

Have a listen and always remember to support our artists on Soundcloud.


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YouTube 0.1

Watch our Russian producer & composer ‘AIRWORKS’ latest video for his newest production called Beat20.  Follow and support him on Soundcloud here.


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Soundcloud 0.4

Here are the latest releases from all genres from the label, including SHWRK’s – Scapes tune that will be included in the ‘Brilliant Diamonds’ album. And don’t forget to check out the latest tunes we’ve uploaded on our YouTube channel.


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We’d like to introduce Hip-Hop producer Cemento Armato  from Milan, Italy. His productions are filled with groove and alot of happy vibes, i really hope you’ll enjoy your stay here at Ninetofive Records.

Listen to his music and support him right here.


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Brilliant Diamonds [N2F002] Sneakpreview

This time it’s SHWRK that’s been releasing his latest tune that also will be included in the ‘BRILLIANT DIAMONDS’ Album by Ninetofive Records.  There will be about 14 instrumental beats on the album,  released by the Hip-Hop section.

Energetic and Lil’ Phil won’t be included in this album due to their own releases. The date for the album has not been published yet, but will be in a short period of time.



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