Soundcloud 1.2

Here’s the latest jams from our roster, enjoy!

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Roots Soulection Special: All.U.Need (Ninetofive Records)

Listen to All.U.Need latest set he did on Red Light Radio [08-04-2014]

Support All.u.need here:

Read more about him here:

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Sunday Inspiration 0.3

This Sunday we’re featuring the producer & composer .light from Stockholm, Sweden. Born in 1998, making beats with lots of soul and crisp sound, we really hope that you show your support towards this up ‘n’ coming producer!



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Davr “Northern Lights EP”

Davr “Northern Lights EP”


Official distribution.

Release Date: 24/04/15 (iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Beatport)

Stay tuned.

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Kongchain, LØØM , Craneuhm.

Kongchain, LØØM , Craneuhm.

We’re super happy to have new talents on the squad, check our artist page if you’re interested to hear the tunes they have made or just visit our Soundcloud and listen to the songs in our latest feed.

Welcome to Ninetofive Records!




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Caffettino Beat Soup 006 w. / Odeeno

Here’s the latest episode of Beat Soup (Italy, Rome). They are doing it top-notch as usual, i’d like to give a special shout out to Nario & Luca for all the effort in making Beat Soup go around!

Caffettino Beat Soup 006 w. / Odeeno from Beat Soup on Vimeo.

Always remember to support the artist:


J Dilla – Purple
Odeeno – Pthfree
Odeeno – Unreleased
Odeeno – Unreleased
Odeeno – Unreleased
Odeeno – Unreleased
Odeeno – Unreleased
Odeeno – Unreleased
Odeeno – Unreleased
Odeeno – Unreleased
Hlmnsra – SPLT NDS
Daryobass feat LNDFK – Crazye (Re-work)
Biga – Lulada
Bonbooze – Thinkinitøver
Gsq – Sevendays
Irhu – Drivin’ 500
OohGI’ – Moments
Knxwledge – kerfew (777)
Emshi – These days, tomorrow
Odeeno – Unreleased
Odeeno – Unreleased
Odeeno – Unreleased
Odeeno – Unreleased
Odeeno – Unreleased
Odeeno – Unreleased
Odeeno – Unreleased
Odeeno – Unreleased
Pino Daniele – Vivo come te

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Soundcloud 1.1

Here’s the latest update on our Soundcloud feed. Thanks to everyone that’s supporting and showing appreciation! This time, we’re featuring Mådijuwon, ShwrkLØØM, ChiveerEnjoy the tunes!





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Here’s the latest episode of the Worldwide Beatseries from NINETOFIVE. This time we’re featuring the very talented composer & producer from Switzerland called UNDA. You might recognize Unda due to his superb release “Off The Cuff EP” on Booyom Collective.

Big s/o to Booyom Collective for all their great work they put in, and also a huge thanks to Unda for the mix, we love it!


1. UNDA – Brawler
2. FlexFab – Break-in
3. Ruck P – Corcovado
4. Dave Sparkz – Masta SP
5. Melodiesinfonie – J A $ $ pt.36
6. UNDA – Make It Bounce
7. Chief & Deheb – Heatwave
8. Maloon the Boom – Get you some Remix
9. S. Fidelity – Bounce with me
10. Audio Dope – New Life
11. Nardo Says – Without the pain (Shuffle Jack Remix)
12. S. Fidelity – One for Berlin feat. Bluestaeb
13. Shady – My Head
14. Jay Prince & Maloon the Boom – Trashy Remix’

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Sunday Inspiration 0.2

This time, i’ll share some smoov lo-fi and jazz vibes from 18 year old producer .sinh. And he’s also the founder of Zen-Zupremacy, if you haven’t had the time to check him out, it’s time! We hope you’ll enjoy his tracks and support him as well!



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Exclusive mix done by ITALO BEATS from Genova, Italy. The mix includes 15 tracks from Italian beatmakers, we really hope you’ll enjoy this!



1 – Intro
2 – O yambu – GuytHarm
3 – Natty Dub – Look around you
4 – Emshi – I stopped loving you your birthday
5 – Daryobass – Easter
6 – Smooth beats – EarConditioning Jingle
7 – Funkprez & Jazzy Mellow – Potenzio
8 – Grillo – HelpME
9 – Bud Lee – Kaleido
10 – Dusty – MARK
11 – Odeeno – RvrsEmtns
12 – Bonbooze – Pay jay
13 – Roi U. Al co cat – Birth
14 – Hlmnsra – Things that human blame
15 – Fumei – 彼⼥女

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Sunday Inspiration 0.1

Today we’ve started a thing called “Sunday Inspiration” where we add our tunes we’ve been listening to during the weekend that we want to share with you all. This Sunday, we’d like to share the ITALO ビートテープ vol​.​1 from ITALO BEATS (ITA). Remember to support the artist if you like it.

Graphics: Luca Marcenaro

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The Limelight: CHIVEER

Here’s the Limelight spotlight for ‘Chiveer’ (RUS), we hope you’ll enjoy it, and remember to support the artist.


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