Welcomes Airworks

Didn’t i tell you Ninetofive were expanding?

I’d like to introduce you all to our Russian producer ‘Airworks’. Focusing on Hip-Hop beats and sweet melodies. He started to work on his upcoming release here on Ninetofive yesterday.

If you want to support Airworks and purchase his music, visit his Soundcloud right here.

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Soundcloud 0.2

This week, Energetic has gone bananas and released 8 tracks for you on his Soundcloud page. Press the cloud under the Soundcloud player to get redirected.


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Soundcloud 0.1

Latest tune from the Ninetofive stream is Gregar’s latest tune called Lynch. And this time the tempo is a bit higher than usual, we hope you like it!

Support and follow Grxgvr.

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Ninetofive Welcomes Blisque.


About two weeks ago, ambient producer Blisque joined the team. But unfortunately we could’nt publish it on the website since it was down due to maintenance.

But if you stay updated on our Twitter & Instagram you’d already know this.

He recently released the tune Manteau, and he will also release another tune called Scapes on the Carelesswithvinyl page.

Blisque is turning 17 and he’s living in Australia, his first EP will be released during the fall 2014.

Visit his Soundcloud and show some support.

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Soundcloud Stream

A brief update with the latest tunes from our label, don’t forget to follow theese artists.

And as you all know, we have recruited two new artists and also a new staff member. Acer, who will mainly focus on the website with posts and also on our social media is from the UK and have done some hip-hop tunes under the alias Phrosty.

Upcoming releases.

  • Lil-Phil – EP
  • Varsity – ‘Harbinger EP’
  • Energetic – EP

I hope you enjoyed the tunes, and if you are interested in following all the artists on the label you can visit our Soundcloud here.


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