Sunday Inspiration 0.2

This time, i’ll share some smoov lo-fi and jazz vibes from 18 year old producer .sinh. And he’s also the founder of Zen-Zupremacy, if you haven’t had the time to check him out, it’s time! We hope you’ll enjoy his tracks and support him as well!



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Exclusive mix done by ITALO BEATS from Genova, Italy. The mix includes 15 tracks from Italian beatmakers, we really hope you’ll enjoy this!



1 – Intro
2 – O yambu – GuytHarm
3 – Natty Dub – Look around you
4 – Emshi – I stopped loving you your birthday
5 – Daryobass – Easter
6 – Smooth beats – EarConditioning Jingle
7 – Funkprez & Jazzy Mellow – Potenzio
8 – Grillo – HelpME
9 – Bud Lee – Kaleido
10 – Dusty – MARK
11 – Odeeno – RvrsEmtns
12 – Bonbooze – Pay jay
13 – Roi U. Al co cat – Birth
14 – Hlmnsra – Things that human blame
15 – Fumei – 彼⼥女

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Sunday Inspiration 0.1

Today we’ve started a thing called “Sunday Inspiration” where we add our tunes we’ve been listening to during the weekend that we want to share with you all. This Sunday, we’d like to share the ITALO ビートテープ vol​.​1 from ITALO BEATS (ITA). Remember to support the artist if you like it.

Graphics: Luca Marcenaro

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Nujabes Tribute Mix

Today, we’ve released the tribute mix to Jun “Nujabes” Seba (瀬葉淳). The mix is made to show our appreciation to the music he released before he sadly passed away. I hope you guys will enjoy the it, and a huge thanks to w0nka for a great mix.

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The Limelight: CHIVEER

Here’s the Limelight spotlight for ‘Chiveer’ (RUS), we hope you’ll enjoy it, and remember to support the artist.


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